About Us

Established in 2020, Rapture is a marketplace of great pieces that lift your mood and transform your outfit.  Each piece is uniquely designed by Sally and made from ethically produced clothing and raw materials with a palette of beautiful print colours and yarns.
“ There is a genuine connection between what we wear and how we feel; clothing should be comfortable and stylish but also make you feel great.  I’ve created Rapture as a collection of feel-good pieces to lift your mood and add a bit of joy to your wardrobe.  From self-empowered sweatshirts to beautiful textures and patterns, there is something for your everyday wardrobe that will make you smile.  20+ years in the fashion industry has made me a complete stickler for quality, so everything that is sent out is designed and hand-printed by me.   I obsess over the colour, the layout, the design, because I want YOU to love it.”
Sally Jackson
Founder & Designer
 Photo of Sally Jackson Founder of Rapture

Sally is a trained knitwear designer with over 20 years working in the fashion industry designing for big brands such as Boden, Joules and Great Plains.  Sally runs Rapture alongside her other business The Faraway Gang, whilst also being Mum to her two primary school aged boys.